Gizmo Rabbit

Build strange vehicles and fly trough the skies in Gizmo Rabbit! Watch out for the roof-tops and see how long a distance you can travel, as your vehicle becomes bigger and bigger.


Gizmo Rabbit was the result of combining a humanoid rodent with random gizmos and thingamajigs with inspiration from Rube Goldberg machines and the industrial age. Some of the components might help you fly longer, while others grant you more attachment points. Be careful how you place your components, as you can't undo it. Your vehicle will become bigger and bigger as attach more components . See if you can discover all the components in the game, beat your high score, or just build the coolest vehicle in town.


Use ‘W’ to drive forwards while on the ground and the ‘A’ & ‘D’ keys to adjust rotation while in the air. While in component placing mode, you can use 'Right-Click' to drag around the camera. Some components are interactable with an input indicated in-game, but the input changes as your vehicle grows bigger, so be cautious!


Developed in Unity by

Graphics and UI made in Illustrator by

Support in ideation proces -


"Wagon Wheel" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Authorsduendue, LaDane, Dream Jam Games
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Arcade, build, building, bunny, construction, fly, Flying, Funny
Average sessionA few minutes


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sandbox when?

Great game. I did start to wonder if direction of things really mattered or was it just put the most amount of things on your bike and hold down as many keys as possible

This is really fun! The music and the artstyle add a lot to the experience. Came across it while checking other submissions for One Game a Month jam - the premise of the game is quite similar to ours (Sunday Driver). Did you guys make it in 2 weeks?

Thanks alot! We spend roughly 72 hours over the course of a weekend to build 90% of the game. Then we used the following week to fix a couple of bugs and add aditional polish. It is interesting that we have made a similar game, it is probably somewhat inevitable at game jams :-)

Great effort! It feels really polished overall

What a fun concept! My best was 900 meters, then the amount of keys to press got a bit overwhelming. Great game! :D

Well done! It takes a bit, and also depends on the components you roll. Thanks for playing!

AUGH ok my best was 899 and I built an absolute monstrosity but this game is just!!!! So perfectly addicting! I can totally picture myself playing it as a young child in a flash games website. Great job!!

That's great to hear! The vehicle gets complex pretty quickly. We're considering making a mobile port, so we're happy that you already in some way can picture that :-)

Deleted 1 year ago

Thanks a lot! It would be cool with a chat, let's look into that :-D

When the attachments started to get behind the node tutorial I couldn't place anything. It's a good game though.

Thank you so much for playing! It's a bug several other players have reported, which we plan to patch in a couple of hours :-)

couldn't place the balloon and had to quit

That is unfortunate to hear! We will be patching the game later today, and should hopefully have fixed that bug. Nevertheless, thank you for trying our game out.

extremely fun, slightly reminds my of happy wheels, the only thing i wish is that i could rotate items. but 9.8/10


Thanks a lot, it’s really cool to see your experience with the game. We are glad you had fun and will definitely look into improving the gameplay elements further!

Really cool game - a bit confusing - I don't understand what the components do - especially the ones that don't require you to press a button. 
But very funny, awesome concept, great art, brilliant music, good fun! :) 

Thanks a lot! We have gotten similar responses from several other players, and it have become more apparent to us how unclear some of the components are. We are planning to update the game soon to hopefully improve the overall experience. Thanks again for playing, and taking time to write to us 😊

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ahha crazy fuuny ;D

Thanks for playing! It's great fun to see your experience of the game :-)

love it

Thanks, that means a bunch to us! We had a lot of fun making it, and are very proud of how it turned out in the end!